I started teaching Spanish in person in 2013.

Two very important personal circumstances guided me along this path:

I already knew that I really like teaching, since I was little. But when I began teaching Spanish to foreigners, I felt for the first time that I am passionate about seeing how students try to master a foreign language and succeed.

Secondly, my perennial love of the theater, to which I dedicate myself in a semi-professional way, in an other way, also I feel influenced.

The contact between people and teaching go very close in both activities.
My values

- Empathy with my students
- Raised and trained in the language and culture of Spain
- De-stress specialist
- Use of various materials on multimedia platforms
- Labor and personal flexibility
- Fluent communication with the student

"The essence of my classes is the closeness between teacher and student, and this will lead to the approach to the language".

I try to teach my students not only grammar, spelling and vocabulary, but also that they learn the culture and traditions of my country. I am also interested in their countries of origin and I like to have conversations with them about their cultures, their hobbies and so.

Benefits are you getting

- Very complete learning of the language
- Entertaining classes with very varied tools
- Culture and traditions of my country
- Fluency in spoken development
- Ability to engage in specific conversations

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